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#22 — FEMALE embryos: #3 JORDY-Red x Wilstar Amber Red

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  • FEMALE JORDY-Red +3.62 PTAT embryos out of the APPLE branch!
  • Beautiful Anahiem daughter, so Durham Altitude EX-95 on top and bottom side of the pedigree!
  • Same family as Jotan, Advent, Acme, Fraiko, Perfect Aiko, Applejax, Absolute Red, Big Apple Red!!
  • Great opportunity to get your own Apple!

    Anahiem x VG-85-USA Archive x EX-90-USA Alchemy x VG-87-USA 2yr. Superstition x EX-90-USA Stormatic x KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-96-USA

Can be shipped to
Sire: FEMALE Cycle-Mcgucci JORDY-Red | +3.62 PTAT Red Bull!
Dam: Wilstar Amber-Red | Great red heifer out of the Apples!
Production- & Freezing Method
ET - Grade A - Direct Transfer

Wilstar Amber-Red

(Anahiem x Archive x Alchemy)

Great R&W from the Apple's

  • Wilstar Amber-Red
  • KHW Regiment Apple Red EX-96-USA at the World Dairy Expo 2013
  • KHW Regiment Apple EX-96-USA DOM
  • Ms Angelinas Super Ava *RC VG-87-USA 2yr.
  • Ms Apples Angelina *RC EX-90-USA
  • KHW Regiment Apple EX-96-USA DOM
  • Ms Candy Apple Red EX-92-USA | Mat. sister to Angelina
  • Kamps Hollow Altitude *RC EX-95-USA 2E DOM

Reg No.



January 24, 2017


  • Great R&W Anahiem out of the Apple's!
  • KHW Durham Altitude on the top and bottom side of the pedigree!
  • Sold through the Masterrind sale 2018!
  • Different sire stack: Anaheim x Archive x Alchemy x Superstition x Stormatic x APPLE!
  • Same family as Jotan, Advent, Acme, Fraiko, Perfect Aiko, Applejax,Absolute Red, Big Apple Red!!


  • Wilstar Archive Ally-Red-ET VG-85-USA 2yr
  • Ms Angelinas Ana-Red EX-90-USA | RED from APPLE!
  • 2.06 365d 34,482lbM 3.3% 1,138F 3.4% 1,173P
  • 3.08 305d 36,947lbM 3.8% 1,404F 2.9% 1,071P
  • Hunsberger ALCHEMY
  • Ms Angelinas Super Ava *RC EX-90-USA EX-MS
  • 2-01 2x 347d 26,248lbM 4.4% 11,153F 3.3% 858P
  • Red Carrier Super daughter of APPLE!
  • Dam to Amaury-Red @ Semex

Next Dams

  • 4th Ms Apples Angelina *RC EX-90-USA EX-MS
  • 5th KHW Regiment Apple-Red-ET EX-96-USA DOM
  • 6th Kamps-Hollow Altitude-ET *RC EX-95-USA 2E DOM
  • 7th Clover-Mist Alisha EX-93-USA 3E GMD DOM
  • 8th Clover-Mist Augy Star EX-94-USA 4E DOM
  • 9th D-R-A August EX-96-USA 4E DOM
  • 10th D-R-A Ideal Precious Leader EX-90-USA 2E
  • 11th D-R-A Princess Lad Leader EX-90-USA 3E