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Online Embryo Sale | November 23 - 30, 2018

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Closingdate:   Friday, November 30, 2018   (9:00 P.M. - Dutch Time)
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A few examples of the embryos selling:Oh-Syc-River CRUSHABULL x Al-Lew Monterey Ashley VG-88-USA La1 (~CLICK HERE~)

  • UNIQUE opportunity to make a sister to Mr. Frazzled ARISTOCRAT (+2920 PTAT & +2.90 PTAT)
  • FEMALE embryos sired by Oh-River-Syc CRUSHABULL: +4.19 PTAT & +3.85 UDC!!
  • Ashley is the only cow in the breed combining: >2645 gTPI & +3.75 PTAT!!
  • Ashley is also dam to NH DG Amazing (GTPI +2642 / PTAT +4.11), to AFLLECK (Top 10 bull Italy), to Armagadon *RC *P (GTPI +2606 / PTAT +3.77), to 2 Top 10 Charley dtrs for GTPI in Europe and more!
  • Ashley her son NH DG ALL-IN is the only bull in the breed combining >2690 GTPI & >3.95 PTAT!!
  • She scored VG-88-USA in her first lactation with EXCELLENT Feed and Legs and EXCELLENT rump!
  • From the incredible Durham Annabell cow family with 8 generations EXCELLENT dams!

Mixed flush: FEMALE Solomon / Lavanguard x Bons-Holsteins Stormatic Koba VG-89-SW EX-90-MS (~CLICK HERE~)

  • Embryo's by the tremendous Bons-Holsteins Koba's!
  • Stormatic Koba was Res. Grand Champion, Best Udder & Int. Champion Elmia '15 (Swedish National Show)
  • The same family as Bons-Holsteins Koba 219 EX-91-NL 3yr. - Grand Champion HHH-Show '17 & recently sold $46,000
  • Her dam (Bons-Holsteins Koba 152 EX-92-NL s. Integrity) was:
    - 4th at the Simagena Paris '07
    - Grand Champion Hoornaar '08
    - Res. Sr. Champion National NRM '08
    - Res. Sr. Champion National HHH Show '09

FEMALE River Valley Cece CHROME x RJ Rumour (~CLICK HERE~)

  • SHOW embryos from one of the best Jersey families: Rapid Bay Whistlers Rumour EX-95-CAN
  • FEMALE embryos sired by CHROME: dtr proven sire and the king of the ring with +2.60 PTAT
  • Dam was succesfull with a 1st place @ Irish National Heifer Show '15!
  • Grand dam is the famous JERSEY: Rapidbay-UK Jades Rumour EX-92-IE who was:
    - Grand Champion Emerald Expo 2013
    - Jersey Champion All-Britain 2011
    - Grand Champion National Show Millstreet 2012 & more!

Denovo GLITZ x MS DG-TM Flagship Buoy (~CLICK HERE~)

  • The FIRST GLITZ embryos to sell: GTPI +2917!!!
  • GLITZ:  +1502M +0.11%F +0.09%P +71P / +4.1 DPR / +2.08 PTAT / +2.23 UDC!!!
  • Buoy is one of the highest Flagship's in the breed:  +0.16%F +0.09% PROTEIN / SCE 5.5 / PL +7.2 / SCS 2.64
  • Great indexline going back on Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95 (All-American & All-Canadian)

FEMALE Col DG CRUSHTIME x La Waebera Dreamdate Oceane VG-85-FR VG-87-MS (~CLICK HERE~)

  • #3 FEMALE embryos from the TYPE SENSATION of this moment Col DG CRUSHTIME +4.01 PTAT!
  • Out of a direct dtr of La Waebera Glacier Oceanie EX-94-CH
  • Her maternal sister sold at the GERMAN MASTERS SALE '18 for 6.700 EUR!!!
  • Oceanie: >100.000 kgM lifetime production
  • Oceanie won multiple titles: 1st place Swiss Expo '16, 3rd European Show Cremona '10, H.M & Res. Best Udder Swiss Expo '12, Grand Champion Swiss Red Night '13, 1st place Expo Bulle '14, Grand Champion Jr Expo Bulle '13 & more!
  • She is a maternal sister to La Waebera Ralstorm Tina EX-91-CH: dam to Tibere @ Swiss Genetics
  • #2 Red Impact Cow Year 2018!

Denovo GLITZ x Ms DG Delta Bridgett *RC VG-86-USA La1 (~CLICK HERE~)

  • The FIRST GLITZ embryos to sell: GTPI +2917!!!
  • GLITZ:  +1502M +0.11%F +0.09%P +71P / +4.1 DPR / +2.08 PTAT / +2.23 UDC!!!
  • Embryos from the #1 GTPI RED CARRIER cow in the USA: Bridgett RC!
  • Make the next RED CARRIER charttopper!
  • Daughter of the outstanding Mr. Mogul DELTA - not available in Europe!
  • Bridgett *RC her Pinnacle dtr is the #6 GTPI RC heifer in the USA
  • Bridgett *RC is full sister to Blake (5 progeny > 2800 GTPI) and sold for > $ 100.000
  • Going back on the All-American cow: Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-USA 

FEMALE Oh-River-Syc CRUSHABULL x Lovhill HET Beemer Kate (~CLICK HERE~)

  • Exclusive FEMALE CRUSHABUL (PTAT +4.19) embryos from incredible member of the KATRYSHA'S!
  • CRUSHABULL is one of the highest sons of CRUSH - super transmitting and not availble in Europe
  • Donor is a high PTAT member of the KATRYSHA family - huge PA potential for the type market
  • Grand dam is an EX-93 SID sister to the SUPREME CHAMPION WDE '15: Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha EX-96

Farnear Aria ADDISON *RC x Lakeside Ups O'Lelie VG-86-NL 2yr. (~CLICK HERE~)

  • Addison *RC (PTAT +3.81) embryos from incredible R&W line!
  • Addison *RC is a RED CARRIER PTAT +3.81 CRUSH son (Crush is not available in Europe)
  • Roseanna participated at the European Show Fribourg '13 & Colmar '16 was GRAND Champion R&W NRM '14, GRAND Champion R&W HHH-Show '16 & 3rd in class HHH-Show '17!!
  • You'll find the best of the AUGUST family in this package!


  • FEMALE Mr D Apple DIAMONDBACK *RC embryos of Double-M Myrthe
  • Myrthe is a grand dtr of the great brood cow: Birkenhof Rubens Mabel-Red EX-93-DE
  • Same family as Ruegruet Joyboy Minneapolis EX-91-CH: Int. Champion R&W Swiss Expo & Expo Bulle
  • Same family as Mox Kite Maryrose EX-90-CH!
  • Huge potential in this R&W Show family!!

FEMALE Duckett Crush TATOO x HET Adora Champagne (~CLICK HERE~)

  • Take your chance with these early FEMALE Duckett Crush TATOO embryos!
  • TATOO: Crush (not available in Europe) grandson of Vangoh Durham Treasure EX-96-USA EX-99-MS!!!
  • Fancy showheifer from the Cosmopolitan's with also an overall complete index!
  • Champagne notes: +140 RZG, +310 gNVI & +2534 gTPI!

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Online Embryo Sale | December 14 - 21, 2018

Auction is pending.


Closingdate:   Friday, December 21, 2018   (9:00 P.M. - Dutch Time)
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A few examples of the embryos selling:

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