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FEMALE embryos (mixed flush): #3 GLADIUS / MAHOMES / SHINE x Thurler Cmft Red Purse

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3 embryos.
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Lot description
  • Three #1 grade FEMALE Gladius / Mahomes / Shine (mixed flush) embryos from a RARE high GTPI female carrying both the Variant Red and Red Carrier Normal Red gene. Red Purse has a great productive life, over +2107 lbs of milk. and over +2716 GTPI.

    PURSUIT x SPLENDID-P *RC x DENVER x MS Hartford JBR Dior-Red 3* x Stoneden Snowman Red Desire VG-86-USA x VG-88

    NOTE: Embryos were made with Semex FasStart semen, buyer will have to sign the FastStart agreement with Semex before embryos can be shipped.

Can be shipped to
Sire: FEMALE (mixed flush) KAX GLADIUS (+162 RZG) / Progenesis MAHOMES (+2922 GTPI / +166 RZG) / TTM Legacy SHINE (+2891 GTPI) [more info]
Dam: Thurler Cmft Red Purse | +2716 GTPI / +767 NM$ / +2107 lbs Milk / +3.2 PL / +0.90 Rump Angle / +0.26 Teat Length
Production- & Freezing Method
ET - Grade A - Direct Transfer