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#16 — FEMALE embryos: #1 Apples ABSOLUTE RED x RZH Enya-Red VG-88-FR

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  • FEMALE embryo of the Res. Int Champion SPACE (French National Show) - Between the B&W's!
  • From one of the most exciting R&W cows in the breed
  • Goes back on the World Dairy Expo Grand Champion Rainyridge Tony Beauty as a 14yr. old cow
  • Sister is grand dam of the huge R&W bull Alaska-Red

    Ladd P x EX-92 Mr. Burns x VG-89 3yr. Shottle x EX-CAN Leader x EX-CAN Prelude x Tony Beauty EX-CAN

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Sire: FEMALE Apples ABSOLUTE-RED | Sire of great Champions!! [more info]
Dam: RZH Enya-Red VG-88-FR | Res. Int. Champion SPACE 2017 (Against the B and W cows!) - VG-88-FR VG-88-MS - VG-88-FR VG-88-MS
Production- & Freezing Method
Grade A | IVF | Direct Transfer

RZH Enya-Red VG-88-FR VG-88-MS

(Ladd P x EX-92 Mr. Burns x Rainyridge Tony Beauty's)

Res. Int. Champion SPACE '17

  • RZH Enya Red VG-88-FR VG-88-MS
  • RZH Enya Red VG-88-FR VG-88-MS
  • RZH Enya Red VG-88-FR VG-88-MS
  • ENYA winning Res. Int. Champion at the SPACE '17
  • ENYA winning Res. Int. Champion at the SPACE '17
  • Rainyridge Mr Burns Eara *RC EX-92-CAN
  • Rainyridge Talent Barbara *RC EX-95-CAN | Same family
  • Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN 5E 9*

Reg No.



March 5, 2013

Production Records

  • 4.00 305d 22,401lbM 3.90%F 3.31%P (Proj.)


VG-88-FR VG-88-MS

Genomic Results


  • One of the greatest R&W Cows in Europe right now!
  • Res. Intermediate Champion SPACE (French National Show) '17 - Between the B&W's
  • RED from the Rainyridge Tony Beauty cow family
  • Maternal sister to Rainyridge Planet Elaine VG-88-NL 2yr. - 2nd at Na. HHH Show '12
  • Grand dam was the 1st Shottle in Canada with the maximum score of VG-89-CAN
  • Goes back on Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN the oldest Cow who ever won Madison
  • Same maternal line as Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95-CAN


  • Tiger-Lily LADD P-RED
  • Rainyridge Mr Burns Eara RC EX-92-CAN
  • 2-01 3x 365d 27,414lbM 4.5% 1,237F 3.4% 922P
  • 3-11 2x 360d 30,977lbM 4.7% 1,444F 3.3% 1,025P
  • 5-05 2x 365d 31,239lbM 4.1% 1,268F 3.2% 1,016P
  • Nom. All-West 2-Yr. & 1-Yr
  • All-West Jr. Calf 2008
  • HM. Jr. MB Spring Show '09 & Morris '09
  • Dudoc MR BURNS *RC
  • Rainyridge Shottle Etain VG-89-CAN 3yr
  • 2-00 2x 305d 23,620lbM 4.6% 1,076F 3.6% 842P
  • Nom. All-West Jr. 2-Yr. 2008
  • 2nd Jr. 2-Yr. MB Spring Show 2008
  • Maximum score of VG-89-CAN
  • Picston SHOTTLE
  • Rayverley Leader Eva EX-CAN 1*
  • 6-03 2x 305d 21,405lbM 5.0% 1,063F 3.9% 833P
  • 7-04 2x 365d 30,979lbM 5.1% 1,579F 4.0% 1,230P
  • Life:(5 Lacs) 110,162lbM 5.1% 5,664F 3.9% 4,244P

Next Dams

  • 4th Rayverley Prelude Evelyn EX-90-CAN 3E 13*
  • 5th Rainyridge Tony Beauty EX-CAN 5E 9*
  • 6th Despics Tempo Diana VG-85-CAN