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FEMALE embryos: #3 ST-Gen DORAL-RED x JK Eder Jordy Roxinne-Red

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3 embryos.
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Lot description
  • Get in the GAME! FEMALE Doral-Red (+144 ITP) embryos from the showy Jordy Roxinne-Red!
  • Backed by 10 gen. EX-dams going back on the 'Queen of the Breed': Glenridge C Citation Roxy EX-97!
  • Dam is a pretty VG-88 3yr. Apoll-P dtr and projected with >13.000kgM & 3.7% Protein in 305 days!

    JORDY-RED x VG-88 3yr. Apoll P-Red x GP-84 2yr. Brekem *RC x Alchemy *RC x Morningview Super Roxy *RC EX-90-USA DOM

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Sire: FEMALE STGen DORAL-RED | +2.79 PTAT / +984 Milk / +2531 GTPI / #1 ITP RED available sire in Switzerland at +144 ITP / +9 Conf. [more info]
Dam: JK Eder Jordy Roxinne-Red | R&W showy Jordy-Red (Premier Sire WDE 2019) from the Roxy's
Production- & Freezing Method
ET - Grade A - Direct Transfer

JK Eder Jordy Roxinne-Red

(Jordy-Red x Apoll P-Red x Brekem *RC)

Showy R&W Jordy-Red from the ROXY'S

  • JK Eder Jordy Roxinne-Red
  • Dam: JK Eder Rocca Roxinne 1 VG-88-NL 3yr.
  • Morningview NH Roxy *RC
  • Morningview Spr Roxy RC VG-86-USA 2yr.
  • Morningview Pronto C-Rae RC VG-87-USA EX-MS
  • Early-Autumn Golden Rae RC EX-92-USA 4yr. (MAX)
  • Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97-USA 4E GMD
  • Scientific Debutante Rae EX-92-USA | Famous family member

Reg No.



December 25, 2019


  • Showy R&W Jordy-Red - Premier Sire World Dairy Expo 2019 backed by the 'Queen of the Breed':
  • C Glenrigde Citation Roxy EX-97-USA 4E GMD!!
  • Dam is a pretty VG-88 3yr. Apoll-P dtr and projected with >13.000kgM & 3.7% Protein in 305 days!
  • Pedigree with 10 generations EXCELLENT dams!


  • JK Eder Rocca Roxinne 1 VG-88-NL VG-88-MS La2.
  • 2.03 328d 22,833lbM 3.6% 816F 3.6% 818P
  • 3.02 370d 31,347lbM 4.0% 1,254F 3.7% 1,166P
  • 4.04 305d 29,489lbM 4.19%F 3.70%P (proj.)
  • High R&W POLLED Apoll-P dtr in the Dutch index
  • Projected with >13.000kgM with 3.70% PROTEIN in 305 days!!
  • Tracing back to the one and only 'Queen of the Breed' Glenrigde Citation Roxy
  • APOLL P-Red
  • Roccafarm Roxinne *RC GP-84-NL 2yr.
  • 2.04 388d 25,238lbM 4.0% 996F 3.7% 919P
  • 3.06 364d 29,930lbM 3.8% 1,133F 3.4% 1,005P
  • 4.08 305d 25,728lbM 4.10%F 3.51%P (proj.)
  • Swissbec BREKEM *RC
  • Morningview NH Roxy *RC
  • Died just after calving
  • Died just after calving
  • She looked very promising! Should scored VG easily in the WAL/BEL system

Next Dams

  • 4th Morningview Super Roxy *RC EX-90-USA DOM
  • 5th Morningview Pronto C-Rae-ET RC EX-90-USA
  • 7th Scientific Beauty Rae *RC EX-90-USA DOM
  • 8th Scientific Jubilant Rae *RC EX-90-USA DOM
  • 9th Hanoverhill Tony Rae EX-96-USA 3E GMD DOM
  • 10th Hanoverhill TT Roxette EX-94-USA 2E GMD DOM
  • 11th Mil-R-Mor Roxette EX-90 GMD DOM
  • 12th C Glenridge Citation Roxy EX-97-USA 4E GMD
  • 13th C Norton Court Model Vee EX-90-USA
  • 14th Norton Court Reflection Vale VG-85-USA