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#3 — #4 Eskdale Mr AFLAME-RED x Luck-E Awesome Jewel Red VG-86-USA VG-88-MS 2yr.

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  • Unique opportunity to buy the very first AFLAME-RED embryos!! - At the moment ONLY available in the U.S.
  • Create this great pedigree: R&W Aflame-Red x Awesome x Ladd P
  • One of the greatest families Luck-E Holsteins has to offer you!!
  • 11 EXCELLENT generations in this pedigree
  • Goes back on the World Famous Sky-Hi Mars Helen EX-92-USA 
  • Family with many show winners and delivered proven sires like JORDAN RED!!!
  • > 90% conception rates of her embryos sold WORLD WIDE (US, UK, AUS) 

    Awesome-Red x EX-93-USA Ladd P x EX-94 Mr. Burns x EX-90 Advent x EX-90 x EX-91 x EX-91 x EX-90 x EX-90 x EX-92 x Sky-Hi Mars Helen EX-92-USA 4E GMD DOM

United States of America
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Sire: Eskdale Mr AFLAME-RED | One of his very first embryos / AT the moment only available in the U.S. / 2.26 PTAT / +8 Conf. [more info]
Dam: Luck-E Awesome Jewel Red VG-86-USA VG-88-MS 2yr. | Next dam: Luck-E Ladd Jubilee Red EX-93-USA - VG-88-USA EX-MS 3yr.
Production- & Freezing Method
ET - Grade A - Direct Transfer

Luck-E Awesome Jewel Red VG-88-USA EX-MS 3yr.

(Awesome-Red x Ladd P-Red x Mr Burns *RC)

11 Generations of EXCELLENT cows in her pedigree

  • Dam: Luck-E Ladd Jubilee Red EX-93-USA
  • Dam: Luck-E Ladd Jubilee Red EX-93-USA
  • Luck-E Ladd Jubilee Red EX-93-USA her incredible udder!
  • Full sister: Luck-E Awesome Jacuzzi-Red EX-93-USA 4yr. - 1st place Senior Three Year Old - All-American Red & White Show 2019
  • Full sister: Luck-E Awesome Jacuzzi-Red EX-93-USA 4yr.
  • Maternal sister: Luck-E Ammo Joyous *RC VG-86-USA 2yr. (s. Ammo P *RC)
  • Donor: Luck-E Awesome Jewel Red VG-86-USA VG-88-MS 2yr.
  • Grand dam: Double-D Mr Burns Jess EX-93-USA 2E

Reg No.



June 1, 2016

Production Records

  • La1 305d 20,166lbM 3.8%F 3.2%P


VG-88-USA EX-MS 3yr.

Genomic Results


  • Very nice fresh AWESOME RED dtr out of deep family with 11 generations EXCELLENT!!!
  • The greatest lines from Luck-E combined - and RED!!!
  • Full sister to: Luck-E Awesome Jacuzzi Red EX-93-USA 4yr. - 1st place All-American R&W Show 2019
  • +1.85 PTAT / +2.60 UDC / +3.20 Rear Udder Height & +11 Conf. (04/20)
  • Direct dtr of Luck-E Ladd Jubilee Red EX-93-USA - multiple show winner!
  • Grand dam Mr. Burns Jessie EX-94-USA 2E was Grand Champion Jr. Show NY Spring Show '17
  • Same family as the influantial bull Ja-Bob Jordan Red
  • Goes back on Ski-Hi Mars Helen EX-92-USA!!


  • Luck-E AWESOME-Red
  • Luck-E Ladd Jubilee-Red *P EX-93-USA
  • 1-11 292d 19,548lbM 4.4%F 3.7%P
  • 2-10 305d 26,200lbM 4.7%F 3.7%P
  • 4-01 305d 26,469lbM 4.6%F 3.5%P
  • 1st. Jr. 2yr. Old 2yr. & HM Int. Champion Midwest Spring National R&W Show '15
  • 10th Generation Excellent
  • Tiger-Lily LADD P-RED
  • Double-D Mr Burns Jess EX-94-USA 2E
  • 2.01 305d 19,070lbM 4.1%F 3.6%P
  • 3.03 305d 25,100lbM 4.6%F 3.7%P
  • 6.06 305d 34,540lbM 2.4% 3.8%P
  • 8.01 305d 39,077lbM 4.8% 3.4%P
  • Grand Champion Jr. Show N& Int. Spring Show '17
  • Res. Grand Champion National Holstein Jr. Show '13
  • Nom. Jr. All-American 5yr. Old '15
  • Dudoc MR BURNS *RC
  • HY-Class Advnt Jessi Red EX-90-USA
  • 5.06 305d 22,291lbM 4.1%F 3.2%P
  • 3.04 305d 21,700lbM 4.2%F 3.3%P
  • 4.05 305d 21,491lbM 4.0%F 3.3%P

Next Dams

  • 4th HY-Class Rang Jathne Red EX-90-USA
  • 5th HY-Class Jacob Jackie Red EX-91-USA
  • 6th Jandi-Mac June Logic Red EX-91-USA DOM
  • 7th Ja-Bob Harry Jerry Red EX-90-USA
  • 8th Ja-Bob Harmony Joy Red EX-90-USA
  • 9th Ja-Bob Mark Heavenly Joy EX-92-USA DOM
  • 10th Sky-Hi Mars Helen EX-92-USA 4E GMD DOM
  • 11th Sky-Hi Boots Honey VG-86-USA GMD
  • 12th Sky-Hi Majority EX-90-USA 3E GMD
  • 13th Terrace Heights Honey Sky Hi VG-86-USA
  • 14th Twincreek Burke Winnie VG-86-USA

Luck-E Ladd Jubilee *P EX-93-USA - snapshot of her amazing rear udder (March 2020)